• perind-cover

    Fabrica de perii

    Perind / Fabrica de perii, in Oradea din 1922.

  • sould-body-blog-cover

    The Soul Body | video

    The drawing metaphorically illustrates the soul. Anima – the soul that animates the human, animal or vegetal body. The organs are transformed into lotus leaves, with the heart as their flower, while the intestines show a snake that slides gently in the full of energy water.

  • Imacula-brooch-blog-cover

    Imacula Brooch | video

    Imacula brooch is made from Limoges porcelain with dark stained oak and a hidden magnetic lock, part of Mixisor collection. Many thanks to Roxana Bara from NOD Makerspace that developed the ceramic part.

  • mixisor-by-carla-szabo-blog

    MIXISOR Reloaded

    Encouraged by a gentle February sun, I got out of my car and walked to the end of the main street towards the edge of the forest. There, the earth was still soaked with the melting snow. It hungrily swallowed my feet as I walked. Here and there, on patches of snow, I could see fresh, delicate bird footprints. A

  • raw-clock-blog-cover

    RAW Clock production process | video

    RAW Clock reflects the beauty and versatility of steel. It’s an object inspired from the details of mate steel surfaces, from patinated fragments, from the luster drill or from the small white numbers that put each category in order, all discovered at Frankstahl’s warehouse. RAW clock is made from laser cut steel boards, in various stages of oxidation so that each