Carla Szabo is a romanian artist. She has studied fine arts and started out her career in the advertising business, followed up by interior design. She later started taking her first steps in jewelry making. In the years to come, Carla has become one of the main local designers, each new jewelry collection bringing a new angle of her witty take on the world. One of the most relevant Romanian contemporary designers, Carla Szabo has been creating subtle yet intricate pieces of jewelry, accessories and objects of an architectural precision, for more than 19 years.

Carla translates the inner life of people into jewelry exploring themes that represent the intimate experiences of a human being, experiences that unite us people, in spite of any apparent differences.

Design Story

Her work is gracefully and effortlessly bouncing from conceptual design to intelligent perennial favorites but also to fun pieces. Her multi-faceted style found kindred spirits in many of the local fashion designers: Anamaria Lungu, Kinga Varga, Ana Alexe, Irina Marinescu, Oana Manolescu, Stephan Pelger, Irina Schrotter, Lucian Broscatean, Dan Zarug etc. For each, she created pieces to complete their collections, equally customized to their style and message as well as keeping a personal edge.The materials she uses are various but she has a penchant for the ones from natural sources. Her collections are inspired by nature (Botanica, Bugs), by urban culture (Funny Stories, Street Life), by the past and present history (Folk Attack, Pion’ieri/Pion’azi) and self discovery (I AM, Sur-Faces, Articula).


Carla has also been collaborating with local advertising agencies or major brands on the market, for whom she’s been creating personalized objects. Always in mind with the client’s objectives, the designer finds creative solutions to every given brief. Her conceptual pieces are characterized by the subtle integration of branding elements, a fine attention to details and precise execution. She likes to play with various materials and to blend traditional and innovative production techniques. This is how promotional objects become desirable pieces.