OBJECT.F.002 RAW Clock

RAW Clock reflects the beauty and versatility of steel. It’s an object inspired from the details of mate steel surfaces, from oxidized fragments, from the luster drill or from the small white numbers that put each category in order, all discovered at Frankstahl’s warehouse. RAW clock is made from laser cut steel boards, in various stages of oxidation so that each pieces is has an unique, distinctive pattern. The bevel was polished to contrast with the marble effect on it’s surface, created by humidity. Each number was written by hand.

Production techniques: laser cutting, engraving, polishing, manual assembly.
Production year: 2015

Object.F is a project developed by Frankstahl with a group of Romanian designers. The result of this collaboration is an annual object imagined to functionally integrate the steel with the designers’ aesthetics. Each object from this limited series will be given as gifts to Frankstahl’s clients and partners.

ClientFabrikYear2016PhotosClaudiu Stefan