Encouraged by a gentle February sun, I got out of my car and walked to the end of the main street towards the edge of the forest. There, the earth was still soaked with the melting snow. It hungrily swallowed my feet as I walked.

Here and there, on patches of snow, I could see fresh, delicate bird footprints. A few chubby hens pecked at the ground, looking for young grass shoots, their claws hastily digging up dried seeds and twigs blackened by the winter cold.

Spring had come! Enchanted and captivated by the smell of the earth, I created a new collection dedicated to spring, which combines the energy of the countryside and the pulse of cities.

In this new Mixisor collection, little silver-plated hens are surrounded by beans of black oak and strung on leather and cotton, forming necklaces and bracelets imbued with colour. Patches of snow made in Liège porcelain rest on a slivers of oak to form delicate broaches. Necklaces and bracelets are embellished with bird footprints, which are embroidered in red cotton threads.

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Carla Szabo