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    MIXISOR: Fire Bugs

    Mixisor, third issue: Fire Bugs

  • cover-i-let-my-heart-be-my-guide

    I let my heart be my guide | video

    Be kind, let your heart guide you and along the way you’ll meet some truly amazing people. ‪#‎truestory‬
    Here’s episode 3 of the series dedicated to the people that give shape to some creative ideas.

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    Making of Imacula Brooch | video

    Imacula Brooch emerged upon the creative collaboration between Carla Szabo and nod maker space. We’ve captured on camera the whole production process.

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    Fabrica de perii

    Perind / Fabrica de perii, in Oradea din 1922.

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    The Soul Body | video

    The drawing metaphorically illustrates the soul. Anima – the soul that animates the human, animal or vegetal body. The organs are transformed into lotus leaves, with the heart as their flower, while the intestines show a snake that slides gently in the full of energy water.