• Mixisor-Etnic-Etic-cover

    Mixișor: Etnic Etic

    În colecția din acest an, materia neprihănită de tehnologizare își găsește calea în obiecte realizate manual din pământ ars.

  • Trip-to-hahastan

    The trip to Ha-ha!stan

    THE TRIP TO HA-HA!STAN Somewhere, between the Nerd Sea and the Grand Mère, on the continent called Leuropa, you’ll...

  • Mixisor-Fire-Bugs-blog1

    MIXISOR: Fire Bugs

    Mixisor, third issue: Fire Bugs

  • cover-i-let-my-heart-be-my-guide

    I let my heart be my guide | video

    Be kind, let your heart guide you and along the way you’ll meet some truly amazing people. ‪#‎truestory‬
    Here’s episode…

  • cover-imacula-blog

    Making of Imacula Brooch | video

    Imacula Brooch emerged upon the creative collaboration between Carla Szabo and nod maker space. We’ve captured on camera the…

  • sould-body-blog-cover

    The Soul Body | video

    The drawing metaphorically illustrates the soul. Anima – the soul that animates the human, animal or vegetal body. The…

  • Imacula-brooch-blog-cover

    Imacula Brooch | video

    Imacula brooch is made from Limoges porcelain with dark stained oak and a hidden magnetic lock, part of Mixisor collection....

  • mixisor-by-carla-szabo-blog

    MIXISOR Reloaded

    Encouraged by a gentle February sun, I got out of my car and walked to the end of the...

  • raw-clock-blog-cover

    RAW Clock production process | video

    RAW Clock reflects the beauty and versatility of steel. It’s an object inspired from the details of mate steel...


    New Electric Robots

    A new generation of robots has emerged. They’re restless and eager to dance with you for the rest of...